Customizing Enterprise Wikis in SharePoint #SPC09

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Theses are my session notes from the SharePoint Conference 2009:

  • Presenters: Gail Giacobbe, Principle Program Management Lead, Microsoft; Ted Pattison, SharePoint MVP, Critical Path Training
  • People see wikis as yet another place to store information. They say, "Please don't give me another place!"
  • Microsoft used a wiki to enable 400 people to create 15,000 pages of documentation in four months.
  • The SharePoint Publishing powers the Enterprise Wiki.
  • You can customize the enterprise wiki using SharePoint Designer.
  • The relevant content within wikis comes to you through the social networking features of SharePoint's news feed.
  • Enterprise wiki: Easy page editing, wiki-linking with auto-complete, cross-brower rich tect editor.
  • Features: Page templates (content types & page layouts), Categories (managed metadata), Ratings (web analytics), Tagging and Comments
  • Contrary to my earlier understanding, SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Wiki does not include an out of the box table of contents feature. It is something that Microsoft says can be easily customized. (Ugh!)
  • The enterprise wiki is designed to be customized and scalable.
  • Anything available within SharePoint is easily integrated into the enterprise wiki.
  • Leverage SharePoint's compliance (policy, records management) and content management (workflow, approval) capabilities within the wiki.
  • You can easily integrate web parts into a wiki page.
  • Edit in place, live preview
  • Support for "reusable content"
  • Insert images and media files directly from your computer. You do not need to upload them to a SharePoint library first.
  • When you start a link by typing "[[", a list of all the existing wiki links appear, so you can quickly select the one you want or create a new one.
  • The My Site news feed is a critical part of the power of the enterprise wiki, since that is where you are notified of new relevant content and activity of the wikis you visit. (I wonder how you control being inundated with news feed items when you are associated with a very busy enterprise wiki.)
  • Working with CSS is "much easier" than it was in SharePoint 2007.

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