These are my session notes from the SharePoint Conference 2009:

  • Presenter: Sean Squires, Program Manager, Enterprise Content Management Group, Microsoft
  • Lincoln DeMaris, Program Manager, Enterprise Content Management Group, Microsoft
  • Microsoft Case Study: 1TB of knowledge data, ~100K documents. Used across Microsoft.
  • "Microsoft isn't doing [their own] internal knowledge management very well."
  • Need to balance two opposing forces: Discoverability and authority versus empowering users to contribute. (See KM on SharePoint 2010 Goals slide.)
  • Microsoft's KM solution architecture: Publishing site + document center + shared services for content types, managed metadata, analytics, and social feedback. (See Key Elements of Our Solution slide.)
  • An explicit page owner is critical. Microsoft assigns owners to specific topic areas.
  • Use tagging/categories and the Content Query web part to automatically surface related pages.
  • Anyone can edit a page. However, it is stamped "unapproved" until the owner approves.
  • The owner receives a task when someone edits their page.
  • Documents must be strictly managed, yet may come from anywhere.
  • In SharePoint 2010 you can set policies (such as workflow, retention, and permissions) on a folder basis.
  • Folders are available to meet business needs. They are no longer needed to get around scalability limitations.
  • See the "Wrap Up" page for a good summary of features and takeaways.

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