Session notes from SharePoint Conference 2009:

  • What do end-users care about? Personalization, easy access, ease of use, clear objectives, and management buy-in.
  • Think about adoption strategies from the beginning and throughout a social computing initiative.
  • Identify and leverage champions.
  • Engage HR, legal, compliance, and security.
  • Don't force people to use social computing. That will usually backfire.
  • Brand and market your social computing solution. Get people excited. Use posters, multi-media, etc.
  • Used a phased approach. Don't overwhelm users with too much. Introduce new tools one at a time.
  • Take feedback into consideration and implement improvements.
  • Social computing is not a fad; it is the evolution of collaboration.
  • SharePoint will mine Exchange email messages propose additions to your profile (Interests or Ask Me About fields).
  • You can declare blog and wikis items as business records.
  • Deloitte: A name that appears in the enterprise is no longer just a name. It is linked to a profile, IM, and email. This creates a much richer sense of connectedness.
  • Accenture: If someone views a profile that doesn't have a picture, an e-mail will be sent to the owner and let them know that someone checked their photo-less profile.
  • Deloitte: 45% profile creation. Focus on first year was on profile creation. Goal for year 2 is 75%.
  • Deloitte: Measure the number of colleagues per end-user. The goal is a minimum of four colleagues, and membership in at least two communities. They also measure the number of profiles views.
  • Both Deloitte and Accenture have social computing advisory boards.

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