This is my final Top 10 learnings list from this year's Burton Catalyst conference. This list relates to desktop virtualization, productivity suites, and enterprise content management:

  • It will be 2012-2014 before companies do wholesale desktop replacement using virtual end-points.

  • Licensing can be an issue with virtual desktops, especially with Microsoft and Oracle.

  • Productivity suite options: 1) Stay with MS Office, 2) Give an alternative to disenfranchised users only, 3) Use an MS Office alternative - mostly, 4) Wait to dump MS Office until XML support improves, 5) Replace current productivity tools with collaboration tools.

  • If you ever see Microsoft Office dethroned, it will be because there has been a fundamental shift in the content creation market.

  • When you don’t treat content review like a project, you get all the same problems as a poorly run project.

  • Content is the currency used by businesses to make decisions.

  • Why isn’t there more use of digital rights management? Not perceived as having enough value, yet. However, it will grow in importance.

  • One big gap for the non-Microsoft productivity suite vendors is their lack of integration with SharePoint.

  • Think of structured and unstructured content as different views of corporate information.

  • Don’t assume that all corporate information is inside the firewall.
So that concludes my coverage of Catalyst. Overall, it was an interesting four days filled with timely insight. I would definitely consider attending again.

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