What about Twitter in the Enterprise?

Posted by Brett Young | Tuesday, February 17, 2009 | | 0 comments »

First there was email, then instant messaging, and now its micro-blogging. The most famous micro-blog, of course, is Twitter. This platform is primarily a messaging service for sending and distributing short (140 character max) to your social network. In Twitter lingo, these short messages are called "Tweets." People subscribe to (or become a "follower" of) the tweet streams that interest them. What started out as a simple and novel application, has turned into a powerful platform.

Wired Magazine's Michael Calore recently wrote about new and creative approaches to exploiting Twitter. He cites examples such as having your washing machine send you a tweet when it completes the wash cycle, controlling light switches from a mobile device, and being alerted when your plants need water.

What could the enterprise application of Twitter or micro-blogging be? Here are some ideas off the top of my head:

  • System availability monitoring - Receive information about system availability, performance, and capacity.

  • Business process monitoring - Receive process metrics and alerts.

  • Project status reporting - Receive notification of changes in project status, issues, and changes.

  • Emergency broadcast system - Notify employees of emergencies and provide them with instructions and updates.

  • Internal communications - Provide employees with motivation, encouragement, announcements, and brand messaging.

What ideas do you have? Do you know of any companies that are using micro-blogging in the enterprise?

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